21 September 2020 · Driving Hints & Tips

Innovative safety solutions – The new Hino 300 Series

Hino 300

The new Hino 300 Series is the safest Japanese-built light-duty truck in the Australian market. Featuring Hino SmartSafe – a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver assist technology. Our 300 Series includes; Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection (PD) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), in addition to the already extensive list of standard safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Reverse Camera. These safety features alongside Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) are also available in the 500 Series Standard Cab.  

What is PCS and why is it important?

Pre-Collision System is an active safety feature that detects the possibility of a collision with a vehicle in front, using radar and image sensors. 

The implementation of PCS in addition to other class leading features such as LDWS, answers major issues that confront the transport industry and others who share the road. The findings contained in the latest Major Accidents Investigation indicate that 33% of 2019 truck accidents occurred were due to inadequate following distance. The implementation of PCS in all 4x2 Hino light-duty vehicles and 500 Series Standard Cab models, should mitigate this percentage overtime. Additionally, the implementation of LDWS in both models will also aim to remedy the over 40% of truck accidents in 2019 caused by “off path” incidents. Class-leading safety is a central design principal for Hino’s future model introductions.

How does the PCS functionality work in a Hino?

The PCS continuously scans the road ahead using radar and image sensors. If the driver is distracted, traffic unexpectedly backs up or poor vision PCS is particularly useful for avoiding these nose-to-nose accidents. Once PCS detects a vehicle and imminent collision, it will warn the driver audibly and visually. If the driver fails to react, PCS can, as a last resort, autonomously apply the brakes to reduce speed and minimise damage, or in some cases even avoid the collision altogether. The same actions are also applied if a pedestrian is detected. To see how the system activates, view the latest safety demonstration below:

Why is safety so important for Hino?

According to the Major Accidents Report, in 2019 the sharpest increase in the number of truck accidents was caused by driver distraction or by following cars too closely. These types of accidents can be reduced through a number of methods implemented by the driver but Hino has also implemented advanced driver assist technology designed to keep all road users safe, so everyone gets to go home to their families.

What does the future hold for Safety with Hino?

Safety is paramount. Hino is the only Japanese manufacturer to offer Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) across the 4x2 light, medium and up to 350Hp 6x4 heavy-duty range. PCS is also available across the entire 4x2 300 Series and 500 Series Standard Cab range.

Last year it was announced that reverse camera will be a standard safety feature on the entire Hino truck range. Active Safety will continue to play a vital role in Hino’s future model introductions with the expectation that the competitor landscape will eventually meet the same level of safety specification, which is a positive move for the Australian market.